Nike x Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 sneakers

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41 reviews for Nike x Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 sneakers

  1. Leah


    My husband loves this shoe but it was marked up $90 from the cost on Nike for the exact same shoe and no idea why. It is, however, a great shoe.

  2. Stewart Gerard

    Love Nike

    I love Nike, everyone loves Nike. This shoe is the best. its sort of like a giant sock which means the laces are just ceremonial. which for me is great as I have to take my shoes on and off again a lot during the day. BUY THIS NOW

  3. Sunshine Lewis

    They came five days after I order them

    I love them

  4. tanya harris

    They arrived fast!!

    My grandson wanted them, he loved them!! It’s a nice looking shoe!!

  5. Tracey Poellnitz

    Love them…love them more on sale….👍🏽

    The only reason l ordered these was because they ended up being the same price as the nike store! I will never pay more for any shoes that cost more than the actual store! They fit great and are very comfortable as expected!

  6. Daphney McFadden


    I bought these for my husband for workouts and he absolutely LOVES them! Highly recommend this shoe.

  7. George Berrios

    Great comfort, style and fit

    I own 5 pairs (different colors) and I’m very happy with the comfort, style and fit. I use them for casual wear and workouts. 

  8. Larry Cook

    Great show and delivered on time

    Great shoe and delivered on time.

  9. Jay


    Casual evening out,lunch or dinner,mall , cigar louge

  10. Dietrich M.

    Great Pair of Nikes!

    These shoes are great for me to where for everyday use at work or play! I have an issue with my ankle rolling at times do to surgery and these help as far as comfort and no pain when putting pressure on that foot. Weight is evenly distributed with out effort. 

  11. Anthony

    3rd party seller is very friendly and Thorough. Definitely will buy something else in the future.

    airmax 270s are narrow. So you would want to get a half size bigger. If you have regular or extra wide feet.

  12. yalitza Otero

    Fits great and I have enough room on my toes and width!

    Love the color combination and this model in general! I have different colors of same shoe! Always a pleasant surprise!

  13. Concetta G.


    It’s a beautiful show for a great price. Bought for my son he loves them.

  14. Deysi



  15. anna henderson

    They look amazing


  16. Marc Maples

    great pair of shoes

    liked the style and casual wear. All the youngsters are wearing, right now.

  17. Laura Acevedo



  18. Judy Ask


    My grandson loved these shoes!

  19. mayelin

    I love it

    I love it

  20. Manuel A.

    Best price for benefits received

    After reading a lot, I bought my first pair of these shoes because I HAD heel spurs, and I wrote I HAD (all capital letters) because without medicines, doctor’s visit and/or any surgery, the heel spurs is totally gone.I have 4 pairs of these in different colors, my feet are completely healed and I’m super happy to given them a chance. 

  21. Udo wolf

    The product was a perfect gift

    The shoes fit perfect and is very comfortable also the service was excellent

  22. Ally Farmer

    Love it

    Bought these for my boyfriend and he loves them and finds them so comfortable.

  23. Heather Liscomb

    Found the right size for great price

    Loved these have been searching for these shoes in my wife’s size for over a year and finally found them!!!!!! 

  24. eau

    like walking on a cloud

    I am a woman, however I bought these men’s shoes because they’re the equivalent to a size 9.5 that I wear. These shoes are AMAZING, it’s like i’m actually walking on air, just as the name says.

  25. Lorena perez

    Super cool

    Lo mejor de lo mejor

  26. Dr. Raw Feedback

    Awesome shoes

    Loved the show, comfort but a little expensive is only complaint.

  27. ELYsa02

    El regalo perfecto!

    Me encantó! 

  28. Victoria Rodriguez


    Si me agrado

  29. Helen Mahoney


    My Grandson Nichloas love them.

  30. Scott Madden

    Thought it was going fit really with my wife foot. Fits great

    Thought it was going fit really tight with my wide foot. Fits great!

  31. José Gustavo Gómez Hurtado

    Justo lo que pedí

    Para trotar

  32. Fields60

    Amazon got the order right.

    Love them

  33. Hunter Gipson

    i just love them

    i love them fit good and like it

  34. Susan D.


    My granddaughter loves them!

  35. Merlina

    Great product

    Quality and value

    3 people found this helpful

  36. Alex Lam

    Comfortable, stylish, fly asfffff

    Love these shoes, excellent color scheme, super comfortable, and perfect for everyday use 

  37. AprilMayJune


    They were for my son…he loves them…he’s 17 years old and they are drip he says.

    3 people found this helpful

  38. John dunlop

    Excellent Service

    For my Birthday.

  39. Phurbu Thackchoe

    Love the product

    I love this product , no regret , nice look , comfortable, size perfect to your size as mentioned , received in right time

  40. Sofia Gonzalez

    Cálidad y eficiencia en la compra en


  41. Robert W Edwards

    Really snug but solid footing

    A little tight

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