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68 reviews for Adidas Ball Soccer sneakers

  1. Christian Moore


    Upon receiving these shoes there was a knob right where the balls of the feet sit, causing discomfort that makes these cleats basically unwearable. They are also absolutely uncomfortable to wear and cause discomfort on the tops of the feet as well.

  2. Sonnia

    Great option for the adult coach

    Good traction and soft leather for demonstrating ball skills to players. Highly recommend for coaches.

  3. Oasky

    Classic design, could use updating…

    As a soccer player in my youth, I wore Copas. Now, coaching in my 40s, I was hoping to relive and create new memories wearing some Copas. They are a classic and timeless design in opinion, and will always be cool.Unfortunately, as I’ve grown older my feet have gotten wider. The overall width of the shoes, but particularly the toebox, was far too narrow and tight for my feet. I had to return them.I wish Adidas would make Copas with different widths, while maintaining the classic look.

  4. MH

    excellent buy

    I usually buy wide fit, this one was perfect in regular.

  5. RP

    These Adidas indoor soccer shoes run small.

    I wear a U.S. size 13 in all types of shoes and sandals. These are the first size 13 shoes that are too small for me. They run small in width and most of all in length. Order one half size up.

  6. R0Y

    Good soccer shoes

    Have been using them for a while now, good fit and good to play with.

  7. Leno

    Larger than expected

    I have 2 other adidas soccer cleats size 8.5 and they fit great ,this product though seems a size larger than the 8.5 that I bought

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  8. Joseph S. Pergeorelis

    Get shoes

    Great quality! Great fit!

  9. Jon C. Munson II

    Great fit, nicely comfortable, good quality

    I’m using these for casual wear, so can’t comment on on-field performance.These fit very well out-of-the box. The leather upper is soft and flexible, and the shoe seems to be “normal” in terms of width. For my foot, and given the size I ordered (I have a wider forefoot than most for my foot size and usually have to get a 1/2 size bigger to accommodate), they are slightly large, and using the additional lace hole and thicker sock helps alleviate most of the slipping. If these were made in an E width, I could have ordered my actual size and they’d likely be spot on. If you are using these for actual play, they should run true-to-size and fit “just right” – not glove tight.Relative to cushioning, there is very little – the shoes are meant for indoor soccer, where one is typically on the forefoot, so heel cushioning is very stiff. This does not bother me in the least as it is expected. Otherwise they are very comfortable to wear and use in a casual manner.Can’t beat the classic Adidas style of course!

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  10. Dave

    Great shoes.

    Great shoes.

  11. Amazon Customer

    An upgrade from the Samba Classic

    I’ve owned at least a dozen pairs of Sambas and what became Samba Classics since the 80s. The Mundial goes back to feeling a little more like an athletic shoe than a casual shoe. Slightly different styling that I like without losing the Samba look. Worth the extra money, in my opinion.I’ve always worn US 10.5 Sambas, and these fit exactly as well as they always have.

  12. Allan C. Huang

    CHECK SIZE AFTER RECEIVING!!! Great otherwise!

    Would like to start off by saying these are one of the most, if not the most, comfortable and traction providing pair of turf cleats I have ever worn. That being said, they shipped me the wrong size. Unfortunately I didn’t open the box until about 6 months after getting them so it was too late to exchange them but I would definitely recommend the full leather boots to anyone looking for a quality pair.

  13. Brittany Adams


    I had to order 3 sizes to get my size right because I couldn’t understand what my size should be looking at the chart. Once I found my right size I loved the shoes for indoor soccer.

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  14. Ana Rodríguez

    son comodos

    muy buenos y comodos

  15. Riley

    Reasonable price

    I reached out to the seller and they were so prompt with their response which was greatly appreciated. In addition, the shoes arrived sooner than expected. Although,, Adidas has changed the overall style of the shoe, I am looking forward to wearing this style because I did not like any other turf that I tried on.

  16. Raul


    Todo muy bien

  17. Jose Rafael Martinez Colina


    Excelente zapato

  18. Freddy Pozo Arcos

    Justo a la medida

    Zapato de muy buena calidad, de cuero excelente para el deporte del fútbol

  19. Ninatig

    Great for hard ground

    I play on Arizona soccer fields that are hard, dry, and sometimes nearly grassless and switching to these has changed my life. I recently tore my calf and after recovering with PT, I ended up straining my other calf so I knew I needed to change something. I swapped my normal firm ground cleats for these and I have had zero calf issues since. I primarily wear these on outdoor fields when the fields are dry and switch to normal firm ground cleats when the fields are softer or wet. If you have a lot of issues with your calves, knees, and ankles and you play on really hard fields, these could really change your game.

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  20. Oliver LOPEZ

    Suele ser un poco más grande, sin embargo siempre juego con doble media

    Lo uso para fútbol 7



    En mexico me prove el 8.5 USA = 27.5 MEX = 9.5 US = 27.5 cm, posteriormente lo compré en AMAZON USA Y EL 8.5 es 26.5 cm MEX. Me quedo pequeño! Soy 27 cm = 9US.

  22. Rob Miranda

    Product as good as described

    My son is happy; good product.


    Looks better in smaller sizes

    Great for indoor/turf play, but if just wearing to relax in with a particular outfit, it looks better in sizes smaller than a 12.

  24. JoseOle

    These get decent traction outdoor and are incredibly comfortable compared to your normal cleats

    I bought these after my Nike Premier cleats started hurting my feet on the hard Phoenix ground (super dry all the time). I’m 30 and the sole plate on those Nikes was rubbing a bruise on my outer foot bone so I decided to give these a try since the stud pattern is closer and covers the whole sole plate. These get decent traction outdoor and are incredibly comfortable compared to your normal cleats. Good leather, nice touch, they aren’t made in Germany but the quality is good either way. I play 11v11 and 6v6 and will most likely be using these for the majority of my games outside unless it’s very wet, which is unlikely in AZ. Overall good shoe, the heel is a bit high but you get used to it. I could see this being excellent for referees as well as they fit more like a sneaker than a normal soccer boot. They are a bit heavier but I’m not fast anyway and normally play defense but if you want a comfortable shoe you can play all day in and get good traction and fit, this is a good buy.

  25. babo3030

    luxury turf cleats for me playing ultimate frisbee on dry, patchy, grass fields and artificial turf

    I ordered 11.5 M US size and when I’m not wearing cleats I normally wear 11.5 EE US or 12 D US size with metatarsal lifts. These are great turf cleats for ultimate frisbee. felt great right out of the box. good traction on a dry, rocky grass field. haven’t tried them on artificial turf yet. I’m guessing they’re even better. they are also wider than any other cleat i’ve worn. i normally go for the cheaper cleats and choose narrower cleats as I have found it helps me change directions quicker. This probably explains a lot of damage to my foot though. As I get older, it becomes more important that my feet can support me the following day than it is I make amazing cuts the day before. So, these are working out great for me.UPDATE: These were difficult to get used to for me because they feel much wider than what I’m used to. Early on, while using these cleats on artificial turf fields I tripped myself a lot before I got used to them. I would literally catch them on each other or on my calf and fall down like a little kid. They are big shoes.

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  26. James Bockstahler


    Extremely comfortable. Best indoor shoe I’ve ever had

  27. Jose Ramirez

    Nice turf shoes.

    Great for turf, they fit a little largue but 1/2 size down will do the work, I use them with chusioned and arch compression socks for my flat feet and them dont hurt like synthetic modern shoes. The midsole isnt the most soft like bounce or boost (something i was looking for in a soccer shoe) but once running the cushion on turf is great. Lets see in the future for durability.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Perfect fit!

    Exactly what my husband was looking for!

  29. mdluna

    Just Great

    Great shoe! Also appreciate their efforts to avoid plastic! Their motto is “End Plastic Waste”

  30. Jaime varela

    Great shoes for play

    Great shoes to play soccer, order a size under because is little large I’m size 12 but have to change to 11 but the rest is perfect

  31. B. Patel

    My go to

    I’ve had these for two years now and absolutely no issues. After having nikes previously, I tried these and have never looked back. They are the most comfortable and last me years. I play or artificial turf (which is what they are designed for) once a week. The insoles may need changing to keep some cushioning as that will wear down over time.

  32. Levi Wright

    Premium Quality

    There’s a reason these have been around so long, and it’s because they have always been relevant. The timeless quality leather and fit / finish plus durability are what millions of players throughout the years love about these. They wear in and wear out with style. They are comfortable. They provide an excellent touch on the ball. You can clean them, lotion them and get game after game in them. Absolutely worth the money.

  33. T. Trefz

    Good turf shoe

    This is my second pair of Adidas Mundials. My only complaint is that it lacks a decent arch support. Other than that it is consistent in size and the price hasn’t changed over the years.

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  34. Raul

    Todo esta bien

    Todo es bien

  35. R. Ebert

    Super comfortable shoes!!!

    These shoes fit like a glove. Nice leather, easy to clean and brighten up with a slightly damp rag. Highly recommended. Amazon had my size in stock, did not, backorder. Will definitely buy again.

  36. David J. Leder

    Very comfortable soccer shoes!

    I’m a soccer official and wear my shoes for 6-8 hours at a time on weekends. I need them to fit just right and these Mundial Team shoes have not disappointed. I have wider-than-normal feet and flat arches, so it can be hard to find athletic shoes that fit well. I’ve worn these now for about 2 months and really couldn’t be happier. I’d highly recommend them for fit, quality and appearance.

  37. Javier Martinez

    Good shoe but use caution if you have a really wide foot

    I have an extremely wide foot. I bought a pair of gazelles thinking they were sambas but they hurt my very wide foot. I’m a size 12 and the sambas in 12 were far too tight as well. I tried a pair of size 12.5 mudials at a local store that fit well. Ordered these in a size 12 but they still hurt my feet if I tie the laces tightly and wear them for more than an hour. Perhaps my feet have widened in the 25 years since I last played indoor soccer but I don’t remember having issues with adidas back then. I gave them 4 stars because they seem like a good shoe that permits better ball control at the toe than other shoes I’ve tried and my situation is unique but a EE option would make them much better and merit 5 stars. The extreme narrowness seems to be pandemic to adidas these days.

  38. T. South

    Glad I went with half a size smaller.

    I play indoor soccer. Love the fit! I took some other’s advice and went a half size smaller. And I still have a little room, not excessive, in the toe box.

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  39. Flavio Rojas

    I was a bit skeptical with the sizing but i went true to size and the fit was perfect. I mostly use the mundial goals for street

    I stumbled across this indoor shoe while searching for a suitable replacement for my nike lunar gato ii’s. I was a bit skeptical with the sizing but i went true to size and the fit was perfect. I mostly use the mundial goals for street soccer, the kangaroo leather provides an exceptional touch on the ball. For anyone that intends to use these as a street soccer shoe , i must warn you that the sole on these seems rather on the thinner side. I am not sure how long they will last, the adidas samba classics have a thicker sole more suitable for street soccer but the mundial goals k-leather upper convinced me. My only concern is the suede wrapped around the front of the shoe, from the looks of it the suede could very well peel off in the future but then again i am not using them on an indoor court.

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  40. Ethan J.

    … had these for a couple weeks now and I love them. I play ultimate frisbee a couple days …

    Ive had these for a couple weeks now and I love them. I play ultimate frisbee a couple days a week and I have big feet, size 13. most soccer cleats run small and I’ve broken my ankle before so I have to wear a brace. These shoes fit true to size (i would not order a half-size larger than your usual) so I can have a brace on and they still fit. Also I was concerned playing on grass with the traction since they are turf cleats, but if the grass is cut, the traction is wonderful. they are more aggressive than typical turf shoes. even if its a little wet I haven’t had a problem sliding around. They are very comfortable and I’m glad I spent the little extra money on buying these shoes. Break in time was so fast. After one hard game they were broken in.The only thing I’m not sure about yet is durability. They seem very well made and I expect them to last a long time but I haven’t had them long enough to know. However, so far so good.

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  41. Ryan Howard

    Great turf cleats

    I have had many pairs of cleats over the year these are my top. They feel more like a shoe vs a cleat which I love

  42. Anthony T

    Classic Comfortable Boot

    This is a classic boot that is wearable right out of the box. Purchased a pair last fall for myself and this purchase for my daughter to wear for Lacrosse. Ordered a size men’s 5 for her. She wears a women’s 6 in Adidas trainers. She loved them saying they are comfortable. These are an alternative to her UA Highlight MC lax cleats especially for indoor turf fields over the winter and will be an alternate cleat for bad outdoor turf fields.I normally wear a 9.5 and ordered a 9.5 but would recommend going a 1/2 size down. Why? There was a little more room in the toe box area and the boot will stretch after a few matches. When I purchase high quality leather soccer boots, I prefer them to fit perfectly or slightly snug as they will stretch.

  43. Michael

    Great Practice/Coaching Shoe

    I’m a 41 year old weekend soccer player. I also coach little league teams. I needed a shoe that would be good for “weekend warrior” play and also for coaching. This shoe does both VERY well. It is a comfortable shoe that allows me to coach for 3 hours without killing my feet and it can also handle a good physical game environment. It’s a really good all around shoe. You also can’t beat the price for what you get. The shoe fits perfect to my size (mens 9). I would recommend this shoe to anyone.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Been wearing for three years now

    I am a soccer referee and I’ve been wearing these for over three years now. They fit great, and hold up under the pressure of the weekend running.

  45. Andrew Tyler

    Great shoes for knocking around

    I can’t recall how many pair I have had, but the Adidas Mundial Goal shoes are the best shoes ever for knocking around. The turf shoes are the best for refereeing soccer on turf or grass. With the pandemic, I wore my last pair nearly every day for 2 years until they just wore out. The new pair are just as awesome! They are always the same so if they fit you well, and you love them like I do, then just keep buying them.

  46. Adam B.

    The quality that I expected

    Excellent fit and comfort and good purchasing experience. I hope they last as long as the rest of my Adidas boots.

  47. David

    Fit and finish lacking

    The overall fit and finish was lacking quality. The shoe inserts are glued in so you can’t add custom insole without going a size larger. Kind of funky to put on. I would guess they run at least a full size small. I’m returning.

  48. Lee M.

    As advertised, fitment and quality!

    There has been no dissapointment with these so far. Fit was right on and they are very grippy. Obviously, not a ahoe to go walk around the zoo all day in comfort. That isn’t what they are designed for.

  49. Joe Hendrickson

    Great alternative to full cleats

    I’m not getting any younger and my joints aren’t getting any more flexible so I’m pretty happy with using turf shoes instead of cleats for ultimate frisbee. They do collect a little more mud on wet fields but slipping hasn’t been an issue at all. I have added a really thin liner with some arch support since I’m not quite as light as I used to be. Kangaroo leather is soooo nice and supple too. Had to order them to a locker in Nevada so I could go pick them up since you can’t have them shipped to California. Comfy.

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  50. neil h.

    Fits well

    Nice leather

  51. Scott

    very comfortable shoe

    very nice material, way better than your typical Sambas

  52. Samuel Martínez


    Están ak7 y legalmente muy chuzas, prometen and half

  53. dkline

    Best turf boot

    Fits amazing and has great traction on artificial and real turf. Can’t blame the equipment when you loose the ball.

  54. Julie 

    Best Turf Cleats

    Perfect turf cleats that look great. The leather cleats fit perfectly and are very durable.

  55. Eduardo Ramirez

    Adidas fit as usual !!

    As usual adidas fit as expected !!

  56. AM

    8 out of 10

    Overall is good just little to heavy for score shoes compared to other brands

  57. Nathan L Pollesch

    Great quality and length fit, a little wide.

    I really like these shoes. They are true to fit length wise, but are actually a little wider than I’d prefer for indoor soccer use. Great quality.

  58. A.Trueba

    Materials quality WAY down.

    Quality of the materials used in its fabrication has gone down significantly. I had purchased this shoe model before and I’d been very pleased so I decided to buy again only to be disappointed with it now. It used to be made with real leather and now composed of synthetic materials which do not give the same feel and is quite obvious that it will not last as long. Gives off a lingering plastic odor. The Upper came slightly deformed out of the box. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Look elsewhere.

  59. Kindle Customer

    These are great soccer cleats as a whole

    These are great soccer cleats as a whole. High quality leather, nice design, nice look. One observation: I read a number of reviews recommending that you purchase a half size smaller than normal. I normally wear a 9.5 in most shoes, and so I got a 9. They felt tight, but I thought maybe they would wear in over time, given the leather material. So I started playing in them to find out. The reality was that they did stretch a bit, but not really enough. They are just barely stretched enough to use without discomfort, but its really close. Unfortunately, I know this now that its too late to make an exchange. If I was doing it again, I would get my normal size, not a half size smaller.

  60. Vicki

    Problem feet… these are your shoes

    Great shoes for people with problem feet, especially flat feet!

  61. Sam C.

    Best shoes ever..

    Gotten away from these a while back when I stopped coaching soccer but have them again for officiating! These are the most comfortable turf shoes, even without arch supports. They do run big so get at least a half size smaller than you normally would. The leather is nice and supple so it will stretch a bit after some use.

  62. Bob Opalka

    My favorite boots ever!

    I have worn these boots for decades! Still the best!

  63. Rommel w salazar

    The quality is there

    I’m happy with the shoes I will buy them again

  64. Sara 

    Copa quality in a turf shoe.

    Just what I wanted over other indoor shoes. Leather, instead of plastic construction. Durable and breathable.

  65. Corin

    Good Turf Shoes

    So far so good. They fit a little snug but I loosened the laces for a better fit. Fast shipping and good price (since most stores have them on backorder).


    Best shoe for turf…..

    Best shoe for turf, perfect fit and comfortable……..

  67. Hector Amós Victorino

    No es Cómodo

    La suela está hecha de un material muy rígido, es sumamente incomodo para correr….

  68. Thomas

    Great shoe

    Definitely would buy again. Feel great.

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